The Natural Way to Retrain The Brain

The Clairity Chair is an accelerated sensory integration program that takes only 5 days to complete.

It stimulates five senses simultaneously, which creates these rapid results. This 5-pronged approach helps develop, retrain and expand the ability to take in, understand and use information more effectively.

The program is a cost-effective, comprehensive and effective approach to retraining the sensory system. The Clairity Chair is the only program available that is effective in only 5 days of use.


Patient Cost for The Clairity Chair comparison with other programs
 Programs  Auditory  Visual  Sensory  Passive  Cost  Duration
 The Clairity Chair  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   $2500  5 Days
 Vision Therapy  No  Yes  No  No   $3000+  Months
 Auditory Therapy  Yes  No  No  No  $2500+   Varies
 Sensory Integration  No  No  Yes  No Price Varies  Months/Years
 Brain Balance  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  $4000-$6000  Months
 Linda Moood Bell  No  Yes  No  No  $3000/mo  Months
Applied Behavioral Analysis No No Yes No $2000/mo  Months/Years

**Taken from web survey, average cost nationally**


Evidence Based Research Has Shown Improvement in the Following Areas

• Self-Stimultion
• Sleep
• Light, Sound & Motion Sensitivities
• ADHD Symptoms
• Depression
• Developmental Delays
• Autism Symptoms
• Memory
• Attention/Behavior
• Visual Processing

• Communication
• Eye Contact
• Speech
• Auditory Processing
• Listening
• Organization
• Coordination
• Social Skills
• Motor Skills
• Other Special Needs


In the real world, outside the therapy center, people use all their senses at one time to perceive and interact in their environment, not just one sense at a time.  For example, it would not be very effective to try to learn to ride a bicycle blindfolded. A person uses their sense of sight, sound, touch and balance to learn and use this skill. The more of our senses we use and the more they function together is what enhances the learning process. That is why training multi-senses at the same time can not only help to develop each sense but also train them to work together more optimally. A better integration of the senses can help lay down a fundamental foundation from which awareness, perception, reasoning, judgment and knowledge can develop and grow.

Placing-Computer-Monitor-For-Child-on-The-SAVE-Program-ChairThe Clairity Chair not only combines and targets five important senses at one time, auditory (sound), visual (sight), tactile (touch), vestibular (movement and balance sense) and proprioception (perception of movement and spatial orientation), but it does it using an automated system that results in faster, more effective and consistent training that is passive, requiring no effort on the part of the client. In the new technical age of computers and digital programs, we have taken sensory integration to this new level of training which is still firmly based on decades of solid published research and results as well as five years of clinical results on The Clairity Chair itself.


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